After 3 month of use I have really been impressed by this battery from . You can't promote thing with out using them first for a period of time. That why I have only showed pictures in my story and written lightly about them an not compared them other gel, agm, lead or lithium battery. Why change your battery for this one produced in Denmark. My favorit point in order.

Minn Kota , LithiumPro 24 volt
Minn Kota , LithiumPro 24 volt

1. The weight, 24 volt, 100 ah battery 19 kg. 12 volt, 100 ah 11 kg. Every one can manage to lift these battery to there boat with out having risk of back pain, unnecessary injuries in there lower back. Before I lifted 2 × 37 kg 120 ah vision batteries to rental boat from car and home.

2. The prize They have a better prize then other batteries with the same amount of 🔋

- 24 volt, 100 ah battery cost 1203 euro

- 12 volt, 100 ah battery cost 671 euro

- 12 volt, 50 ah battery cost 322 euro

Have 36 and 48 volt aswell.

3. The power / lifetime They have my power then my AMG batteries. From 6 km to 6,5 km with these batteries 🔋. They have a longer lifetime aswell the gel, lead and AGM batteries. Can be discharged 3000-5000. Lifetime 17-30 year.

4. Display you can se how mush battery there are left.

5. Easy to attach the engine.

@LithiumPro the easy choice.

Fishing sponsorship

FISHING ( SPONSORSHIPS) Fishing is an expensive hobby. People always want new technology, equipment and lures. I don't have the same desire to lures like I use to. I think my desire to lures, equipment and technology, has become more relaxed and healthy.

Sponsorships the same. I dedicate my time to sponsors where I like the person behind the product, very important trust and loyalty. I like helping small brands like @megalures @natebaits. Brands that make a product I find intresting, I know catches fish and have some lures I believe in when I go pike fishing. Sponsorships have to be positive from both parts. Something I have learned. I have delivered really great for some and not that great for others. Think it is better to dedicate to the brands you believe 120 %, and only a few. Had 5-7 brands at one point. That to much when fishing just is a leisure activity. Keep it simple, max of 2-3 lures products, that it.

Keep you dignity and values straight. Something I have learn the hard way. When you are a very helpfull and passionate angler, never get a sponsorhip deal where you not happy. Just close the gate and move on if your can't find the connection and the respect goes away, even if the products are great.

If you wish to become a dedicated angler... Go for it :-) but always remember to be happy, that what fishing is all about.